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  • Who we are

    Firemni sociolog® is a independent group of consultants in the field of leadership, internal communication, corporate culture and personal management. We are sociologists, psychologists and other experts focused on topics and issues typical for corporate culture. There are three consultants who work under this brand


    What we do

    We are helping corporations companies and institutions to lead and to control their people effectively. We are assisting with development and implementation of company policies and strategies. From the position of consultants we assist our clients to lead their employee, to communicate and facilitate changes and to develop effective, adequate and (in most cases) friendly corporate culture.


    How we do this

    By implementing our own methods of management consultancy, education and development. We can measure, analyse and help our clients to understand many aspect of their corporate culture, way they lead employee and much more. Beside this we are using many stadnard methods and procedures of individual and company development with single goal – to be useful and to help our clients.


    What is this website

    Firemní sociolog  (website you have opened) is not only our presentation, but content portal with over three years of periodical (weekly) updates. Here you can find useful articles, solved problems from our field of work, case studies and much more. Its purpose is to help managers, leaders and owners of companies to work with their people.

    As yet it is only in the Czech language. In the near future we plan to translate some of our content to the English to the English to make it available to our clients from other countries. We of course speak and work in the English language on daily basis. If you would like to read our content, please feel free to use automated tool such as Google translator to make it understandable for you,.


    Can we help?

    We are based and we operate mainly in the Czech Republic. We also have clients from neighbour countries (SK,DE,A) and work for international corporations. Please feel free to write us to vojtech.bednar@firemni-sociolog.cz or call to +420 731 782 385. We speak and write english fluently.

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